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Why Visit Nicaragua

The Central American country of Nicaragua is full of vivacious culture, incredible sights, and so much to do and explore. Nestled between two oceans, Nicaragua is a surfer’s paradise, bursting with pristine, remote beaches — but the appeal of this country doesn’t end seaside. Nicaragua is also home to 19 mostly active volcanoes, which you can tour, hike and even board. Yes, volcano boarding is a thing, and it was invented in Nicaragua.

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One of the absolute must-see areas of Nicaragua is the laid-back and breathtaking city of Granada. With streets lined in pastel-hued buildings, stunning colonial architecture, and a tropical climate, the city brings people from all over the world, It’s chock full of both cosmopolitan culture and natural beauty, giving you the best of both worlds. Beautiful streets lined with eateries, shops, and street performers will make your city stay unforgettable. Then, head out to the surrounding volcanoes, cloud forests, lagoons and pristine beaches.

The Mombacho Volcano, which presides over Granada, last erupted over 400 years ago — an event that transformed the volcano into a lush cloud forest with four scenic craters to explore. Lookout points that give you unparalleled views of Granada, Lake Nicaragua, Laguna de Apoyo, and even the Isletas de Granada. A tour of the volcano is a great way to spend the day in the cooler temperatures of the cloud forest.

Nicaragua is a friendly, welcoming country with some of the happiest people in the world that are proud to show off their amazing country. This is reflected in the incredible culture, from delicious local dishes like vigoron and quesillos, to interesting and unique towns that are just waiting for you to visit. Nicaragua is a traveller’s paradise, offering up lighter crowds and fewer tourists than other countries in Central America. If Nicaragua isn’t already on your must-see list, it should be. With so much to do and see, there’s no better place in Central America.

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