Memorable moments begin with Mombacho.

The beautiful thing about a cigar experience is that it encourages you to slow down; share time with others or reflect and introspect. Call it down time. Call it unplugging. Call it zoning out so you can hone in on what matters. We call it having a Mombacho Moment.

Mombacho founders Cameron Heaps and Markus Raty had the first ‘Mombacho Moment’ on top of the Mombacho volcano when a friendly handshake and shared cigar sealed the deal to create a truly exceptional product. A Mombacho Moment is about commemorating a special occasion or creating one around it. Our mission is to be the purveyors of the most memorable cigar experience, where the moment transcends the product — like when you’re standing at the top of a volcano, gazing over the beautiful colonial town below, reflecting on the adventure that has just begun. A beautiful cigar punctuates that moment.

That is a Mombacho Moment.

At Mombacho, we’re specialists in slowing down time.

A good cigar cannot be rushed. Have a Mombacho and an hour is yours. Share one with friends or colleagues and those moments that were previously hurried now become morsels of relaxation and enjoyment.

A Mombacho Moment is not only about creating time for yourself; it’s a statement, telling the world that you’re not going to wait for precious time to find you. You’re going to find precious time.