When a seasoned Canadian entrepreneur was planning an adventure through Central America he was stunned to read of a town he had not yet heard of called Granada.

It was in this moment where Mombacho Cigars’ journey began.

Amazed to read of the colorful history of the oldest colonial city in the Continental Americas, he wondered how he had not yet heard of such a historical place.

Under the ever-watchful eye of Volcan Mombacho, the city of Granada, which sits below it, is an experiential oasis that would be the perfect canvas for creating Mombacho’s home.

Mombacho’s Master Blender, Claudio Sgroi.

Enter the stage Claudio Sgroi, a renowned Italian Master Blender, the magical ingredient that would allow Mombacho to take flight. Having mentored under the famous Henke Kellner of Davidoff, Claudio has spent his life developing a signature blend philosophy that has led to numerous international ratings and awards that are the envy of many. Upon arriving in Granada, his love for Granada and the country were instant. It was clear this partnership was the beginning of a life-long journey in making Mombacho Cigars the most memorable in the world.

Together they have found and restored one of Granada’s most historically significant buildings, Casa Favilli, now home to Mombacho Cigars. With each room carefully adapted to provide a unique part of the cigar making process, it is now Nicaragua’s most visited cigar factory.

Happy People Make Happy Cigars.

Their shared belief in Claudio’s mantra: “Happy People Make Happy Cigars”, is what drives their belief in the Mombacho family and ensuring they have everything they need to make magic.

Claudio’s love of the roots and history of the cigar industry lead to an insistence on the family rolling only by hand, “totalamente a mano”, without the popular machine assist devices prevalent in the cigar world today. This rare and time-consuming art can be tasted in every Mombacho cigar.

Come visit Nicaragua’s Best Kept Secret

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A visit to Casa Favilli is part of any complete Mombacho experience.

Casa Favilli is a friendly, hospitable place where employees are like family and where strangers quickly become friends. All are invited to tour the facilities and share the exquisite, creamy-smooth magic of a Mombacho Cigar. Such a laid back, comfortable environment lulls one into a state of deep relaxation and slows time to a near standstill, where it can be shared with friends or family, or appreciated in peaceful solitude.

Casa Favilli was built by Mario Favilli, a famous Nicaraguan architect. Originally from Tuscany in Italy, Favilli arrived in Nicaragua in 1922, after first travelling to Cuba and Honduras. He decided to stay. In addition to contributing to the building of the Granada Cathedral, Favilli also built the first presidential palace in Managua, which was later destroyed by an earthquake.

In the construction of this home, Favilli used 365 bars of train rail iron — part of the superb craftsmanship that has kept his home in remarkable condition. After Mario Favili died in 1976, the house was sold several times before the Mombacho family of cigars was fortunate enough to call it home.

After gaining approval from local historical authorities, we completed renovations to Casa Favilli within three months of purchasing it. We did our best to preserve the home’s original integrity. All the doors and windows are original, as are the floors and the beautiful staircase, which features marble imported from Italy. The style of the home is distinct, based on the Roman Villa of Italy as well as some European art deco. Singular and memorable — just like our cigars.

Aroma, Balance and Persistence

These are the three characteristics that Claudio is intent on perfecting in every one of our fresh quality cigars. In creating the flavour profiles for our cigars, he brings his unique ability to combine the art and science of blending. Strong, spicy, smooth, sweet, bold, mild: Claudio’s unmatched experience has given him the ability to fine-tune the attributes of different tobaccos until they play in beautiful concert.

But it doesn’t end with creating a cigar blend. He also pays attention to lesser touted cigar properties, like draw and burn. These elements help to produce a truly exceptional experience. And another thing: employee culture. As passionate and personable as he is knowledgeable, Claudio’s presence in the factory immediately rubs off on those around him, making Mombacho a wonderful place to visit or work.