Our Story

The Mombacho Story

In 2006 a Canadian Entrepreneur traveled into Nicaragua and was enticed by the historical Colonial City of Granada. Enamored by the vibrant culture, history, and splendor of this city, Cameron Heaps, became intent on sharing Granada with the world. Under the shadow of the Mombacho volcano, Granada became the perfect canvas for the home of Mombacho Cigars’.

This enchanting city coupled with the passion and dedication of Claudio Sgroi, a renowned Master Blender, whose signature blend philosophy has led to numerous international accolades and awards, would allow Mombacho Cigars to take flight. Claudio’s love for Granada was immediate and it became clear this Partnership was the beginning of a life-long journey in making Mombacho the worlds most memorable cigar.

Claudio’s mantra: “Happy People Make Happy Cigars”, drives the Mombacho Family to make magic daily. His dedication to preserving the tradition and history of cigars ensures every Mombacho is rolled entirely by hand, “Totalamente a Mano”.

Come visit ‘Nicaragua’s Best Kept Secret’ and enjoy a Mombacho Moment here in our home.

The Mombacho Family

The magical ingredient to Mombacho’s quality is our people. We are not work mates, colleagues, or staff, we are family. Together we remain dedicated to the most difficult and traditional style of cigar making, Totalamente a Mano (Totally by Hand). This means every Mombacho Cigar is made entirely by hand, using zero mechanical aids. There remain only a few such companies in the world today preserving this art form. 

Casa Favilli

Designed and built by renowned Italian architect, Mario Favilli, in 1929. The mansion was found uninhabited in the 21st century and in need of a savior. It has now been meticulously restored by Mombacho Cigars and awaits your arrival.