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available internationally

The Granada Line

Graciously produced for the uncompromising lifestyle

released June 24th, 2014

🇺🇸 Exclusive: 2014 Tierra Volcan

Extremely limited numbers of the 2014 Tierra Volcan 1st Launch cigars are available

1/2 LB Nicaraguan Single Origin

First Batch Favilli Coffee

Available now, our in-house Lounge Roast right to your door

Limited Forever Boxes

Isletas •

The one-dot, Connecticut Shade cigar is now available ion the USA for a limited time!

Limited Forever Boxes

Tierra ••

The two-dot, new branding and elevated tobacco experience of our flagship brand is here!

Limited Forever Boxes

Lava •••

The three-dot, rich and flowing Lava is available. Experience a rich and sweet expression of balanced spice!

USA Clients: we appreciate your patience as we rebrand

We have gone nearly stock-out on all past product in the USA! We ask for your patience as we begin reintroducing some of your favorites, and adding a whole lot of great, new Favilli product!