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The Granada Line

Graciously produced cigars for the uncompromising lifestyle

1/2 LB Nicaraguan Single Origin

First Batch Favilli Coffee

Available now, our in-house Lounge Roast right to your door

USA Clients: we are rebranding our online shopping experience

We have gone stock-out on all past product in the USA! We ask for your patience as we begin reintroducing some of your favorites, and adding a whole lot of great, new Favilli product!

1 of 50 Forever Boxes

Isletas, Granada

The one-dot, Connecticut Shade cigar is now available ion the USA for a limited time!

1 of 50 Forever Boxes

Tierra, Granada

The two-dot, new branding and elevated tobacco experience of our flagship brand is here!

1 of 50 forever boxes

Lava, Granada

The three-dot, rich and flowing Lava is available. Experience a rich and sweet expression of balanced spice!

As of April 24th, 2022

New USA Product has officially moved under our Favilli name

Mombacho branded product is no longer sold in the USA. Sign up for our new product list and be the first to know about the newest additions to the Favilli Family!