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Tierra Volcan - Fino - 10ct Box

Vitola: 6 x 44 | Strength: 3.0/5 | Box Count: 10

The Tierra Volcán Nica Puro is a true Nicaraguan Puro using only Nicaraguas tobaccos and created at the foot of the Mombacho Volcano. This exquisite blend uses tobaccos grown in Nicaraguan’s rich volcanic soil and pays tribute to the excellence and complexity of Nicaraguas' best tobaccos. A medium strength cigar, pleasant aromas, balance and persistency well represent this Nicaraguan Puro.

Traditionally the Corona is the benchmark size by which all other cigars are measured. For the Tierra Volcan Nica Puro this is the true aficionados size for diving into wrapper flavor and blend complexity.

Tierra Volcan - Fino - 10ct Box

US $103.50