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Cosecha 2015 Limited 10ct

 Vitola: 6 x 52 | Strength: • • • •  | Box Count: 10

“Cosecha”, a Spanish word for “harvest”. The chosen name reflects the genuine nature of this line, which features the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos from a single harvest year. Each iteration of Cosecha features different the highest possible grade of primings and tobaccos of different origin. Each Cosecha rests in our Aging Room for more than 5 years. Cosecha has been released only in limited numbers of boxes, making this cigar not only a true vintage of crop and production, but a true vintage for your humidor.

Cosecha 2015 is the strongest Cosecha Vintage to date with a full-bodied profile and notes of dark chocolate, hearth and subtle wood tones. The primary challenge was blending a stronger, yet beautifully balanced cigar. The result was a smooth offset to its power, yet a pleasant full-bodied blend of tobacco complexity.

Cosecha 2015 Limited 10ct

US $250.00