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Liga Maestro - Novillo - 10ct Box

Vitola: 6 x 52 | Strength: 4.0/5 | Box Count: 10

The Liga Maestro line of cigars is blended with specially selected primings (picking of tobacco leaves) of very delicate Ligero and Viso tobaccosfinished in a Nicaraguan Sungrown wrapper. Created by the master blender directly from the tobacco sorting tables of our factory, Liga Maestro expresses a nuanced combination of robust complexity and enticing flavors with carefully chosen vitolas to best express this blend. 

"I wanted to blend the different priming of Ligero and Viso because of the unique characteristics they offer. The Novillo is the premier size of the line. Novillo is a play on words for Toro (bull) and a delicious cut of meat which embodies the profile of this vitola: balanced, quality and well cared for to establish the finest flavors." 

Liga Maestro - Novillo - 10ct Box

US $129.50