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Mombacho Collection - Toro - 4ct Humidor

Vitola: 6 x 52 / 6.25 x 54 | Strength: 3.0/5 | Box Count: 4

The Mombacho Collection Series Toro offers four Mombacho Toro's for experiencing blends across the entire Mombacho family of cigars. The Collection Box is a travel humidor, hand constructed from American Walnut and tightly sealed with a magnetic assist. Including:

1 Tierra Volcán Toro

1 Liga Maestro Toro

1 Casa Favilli Toro

1 Diplomático by Mombacho Toro

Experience the depth and beauty of our 100% Hand Made cigars. The Toro vitola allows for a longer smoking experience.

Mombacho Collection - Toro - 4ct Humidor

US $69.00