Our Cigars

A slow-burning tribute to Nicaraguan quality.

Mombacho Cigars is Nicaragua’s premium cigar brand, made completely by hand with 100% premium Nicaraguan tobacco. We’re proud to represent the finest cigars in Nicaragua — a country that is now a leader in the industry. In the last decade, the country has overtaken Honduras and Cuba to become the world’s second largest cigar producer. Exporting over 125 million cigars each year, the Nicaraguan cigar trade is surpassed only by the Dominican Republic.

But our humble beginnings are perhaps even more inspiring than the sum of these successes. Mombacho Cigars was born of a deep admiration for the passion, persistence and patience that’s a hallmark of the Nicaraguan geography, and way of life. Every Mombacho cigar is a slow burning tribute to these rare and remarkable qualities.

Excellence through Patience

Mombacho is not a cigar company catering solely to seasoned cigar smokers. Rather, we champion quality experiences to like-minded people — people who long to slow down and appreciate the often unnoticed beauty of life: the first prickle of mid-morning heat, the familiar cadence of a loved one’s voice, the complex aromas of a fine cigar. It’s the little moments that give life meaning, and we know it’s the little things that matter.